Offchurch West

Circular Walk 28  (5 Miles)

Walk Overview

The first half of this 5 mile country walk follows the route of The Millennium Way as far as Newbold Comyn Park before returning along a lovely section of the Grand Union Canal, then along the Offchurch Greenway to return back to Offchurch.


– Route Update 15th January 2024 –

We have become aware that the wooden bridge referred to at the end of Section C is currently closed, so please follow the diversion in bold in Section C. The diversion adds approx 1.5 miles to the route making a total of 6.5 miles

We have not modified the map or the GPS file as we understand the bridge will be repaired in due course.

Walk Details

  • Start: The Stag at Offchurch CV33 9AQ
  • Start Grid Ref: SP360 658
  • Parking: Pub overflow or roadside
  • Refreshments:
    • The Stag (01926 425801)
  • Maps: OS Explorer 221 or Landranger 151
  • Distance: 5 miles
  • Time: 2½ hours
  • Stiles: 4
  • Download: Walk GPS (GPS Exchange Format, GPX)
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Updated January 2024


Walk Instructions

Section A

With your back to The Stag pub go left down Welsh Road and a few paces after Corner Cottage go left over stile into field. Continue ahead across field walking slightly uphill to exit at the top corner by stile. Continue up grassy footpath with trees right. The grassy path veers left so keep wire fence right, shortly to exit onto surfaced driveway where we turn right ( this area is known as Offchurch Bury Park, a delightful expanse of parkland).  Stay down track for 300 yards and when you reach a tall tree on left, with an interesting sculptured trunk, turn left off the surfaced track and go along grassy track with ditch left and trees right. Continue across a couple of semi-surfaced tracks with access gates and follow footpath around through an area of woodland to take stile next to metal gate.

Section B

Cross small bridge over River Leam and stay on path with river left to larger bridge. Go over this bridge and turn right keeping river on right to enter large grazing field.  Continue through field towards a large lone oak tree at far end. On drawing level with the tree take stile next to metal gate on left.  Stay forward with hedge right eventually to exit by the gap next to wooden fence. Continue across field along a wide path to cross small ditch bridge with thin wooden fences on both sides, go through gap then go left here for 120 paces and when you reach the corner of wood, just before a wooden bench on left, turn right passing small hidden pond, then keep straight on ignoring gap on right (this area was once a municipal golf course).  Stay forward, along what used to be one of the fairways, keeping trees right to arrive at a small bench & litter bin ahead, next to a track.  Ignore gaps on right and stay forward along track,  passing a waymarked white post, under canopy of small trees. Stay along track to cross small ditch bridge by a waymarker post and eventually reach a car park on left and then ( separated by hedges & a gap ) reach a second car park.

Section C

At the end of this second car park leave track and enter the car park by gap next to 5 bar metal gate with MW waymarker. Go through car park keeping to right edge and exit to a surfaced access drive. ( Here we leave the Millennium Way.)

– Here we must take a diversion due to the wooden bridge closure –

Go right on drive , passing the Paul Putz Play Area on left and continue past Newbold Comyn Leisure Centre on left (Comyn Arms pub to your right.) Continue in direction of Leamington, walking on wide surfaced footpath on left side of road (bordered by low wooden posts) with trees left. Go past Newbold Terrace East and when trees end go 1/2 left across grassy strip with shrubs/trees left. At the corner, enter into tree line and follow path down to corner gap to reach Willes Road. Here we leave The Millennium Way.  Turn left and cross the bridge over the River Leam. After crossing the bridge, carry on along Willes Road and just before a large white house, take a path on the left between trees that runs parallel to the floodplain of the Welches Meadow Nature Reserve to your left. Continue in this direction towards a brick wall, where you take the alley on the right to reach Leam Terrace. Turn left on Leam Terrace, pass The New Inn and reach Radford Road  (A425)  Turn left and continue past St. Mary's Allotments until you reach a small car park on your left.  Here we rejoin the original route at  Section D below


Go diagonally left for a few paces here, to enter the Newbold Comyn childrens play area. Ignore small green bridge on right and instead leave path to exit play area at bottom end where you will find a waypost (here you are entering the Leam Valley Nature Reserve). Walk downhill following River Leam on right and at a junction of paths go right over small bridge and through large kissing gate. Stay on the riverside walk with river on right, to reach a surfaced track where we turn right to take a wooden bridge over river then through a car park to reach the main A425 road.

Section D

Turn left along the road for 250 yards and just before the second set of bollards cross over main road to find a footpath with set of wooden steps. Go up steps to join towpath of Grand Union Canal.  Turn left along towpath for just over 1 mile to eventually pass under three bridges, the last being bridge 34 to reach Radford Bottom Lock. Go under the viaduct (bridge 33) and then turn immediately left up a gentle incline to join the Offchurch Greenway. Stay along this pleasant disused railway line which has glorious views to the right.

Section E

After just over half a mile you will see a small bridge overhead, crossing The Greenway but 100 yards before this bridge you will find a national cycle route 41 waypost on left. Go left here up the narrow track to leave The Greenway. Go through large kissing gate at top of incline and turn left continuing slightly uphill to reach road through wooden gate. Cross over into Village Street and continue down lane. 25 paces past the 30 mph sign go right into woodland and cross over wooden ditch bridge into field. Stay across field walking slightly left downhill towards house. Exit field through narrow walkway to right of house and take metal kissing gate to driveway.  Go down driveway to reach road and go left to arrive back in Offchurch at The Stag pub for refreshments. You can then do Offchurch East Circular which also starts here!


Splendid Trees

Points of Interest - What to know and what to see...

by Andy Botherway

Manor House

Offchurch Bury

Offchurch Bury is the Manor House, originally a 16th and 19th century building but reduced in size by 75% in 1954. The estate was purchased in 1936 by Harry Johnson, a textile manufacturer from Coventry and Macclesfield, whose descendants today retain much of the estate and live at the manor. The house is not open to the public. The grounds have hosted large Pony Club events.


The origin of the name Offchurch or "Offa's Church" suggests a connection to Offa, who was King of Mercia from 757 to 796. There is a legend that Offa's son, Fremund, 'a man of great renown', was murdered and 'buried at his Father's Palace, now called Offchurch' the church being built to commemorate his death. There is no trace of original Offa's church, but St. Gregory’s church, rebuilt from 12th century onwards, on the supposed site contains Norman elements. Another local legend says that if you go to the top of the church and jump off, King Offa will rise from the ground and catch you!


St Gregory's Church

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