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41 Club

41 Club was formed to provide a way for members of Round Table to continue their friendships after retirement from Round Table at the then obligatory age of 40.

Round Table

Round Table is about having fun, making new friends and trying something new.

Ladies Circle

Ladies Circle is a modern, vibrant friendship club for women just like you! With hundreds of members aged 18 to 45 across Great Britain and Ireland.


Tangent provides the opportunity for women everywhere to be part of an organisation which is built on its roots of friendship and service. We empower women through friendship.

Warwickshire: Paths and Trails

A guide to walks and trails within Warwickshire.

Ramblers UK

We are the Ramblers. We open the way for everyone to enjoy the simple pleasures of walking. And we step up to protect the places we all love to wander.

Heart of England

An association that helps to manage a number of walks in the heart of England.


Long Distance Walkers Association (LDWA) has details of the Millennium Way.

Walking Britain

A link to the Millennium Way on the Walking Britain web site.

Walks in Solihull

A list of suggested walks in Solihull.

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